Love For Garnish

I have several pieces of Stacey’s jewellery and I love them all, very original and unique designs. Great service also!
— Betty
While travelling in Barcelona, I found a beautiful piece of aqua coloured sea glass. It wasn’t a clean, consistent shape but I had hoped that it would work in a ring setting. I consulted with Stacey and let her guide the design. I couldn’t have made a better choice because the resulting ring is my favourite piece of jewellery! There was excellent communication and such high quality work that I recommend Garnish to anyone who wants unique, quality jewellery . A++++
— Jen
I’ve been slowly collecting Stacey’s jewellery over the years - rings, necklaces, earrings, custom pieces - I love/want them all! People always compliment them, wanting to know where I scored such uniquely awesome pieces!
— Cynthia
I absolutely LOVE my custom-made family tree necklace that Stacey designed for me. She was able to take my playdough sculpture and transform my idea into exactly what I envisioned with amazing quality and craftmanship.
— April
My first piece of jewellery from Garnish was a beautiful sterling silver band with my date engraved on the inside. It was everything I imagined and much more. I was hooked. I’ve since purchased oodles of stuff from Stacey, as well as took in some old gold for her to make something new with them! Anytime you see me with jewellery on, 99% of the time it’s from Garnish. That’s the way it will always be!
— Melissa