In my happy place. Photo by  Caley Joy Photography

In my happy place. Photo by Caley Joy Photography


Welcome. I'm Stacey, and I'm the creator and designer behind Garnish Jewellery. 

What started out as a flirtation with jewellery (I was always making friendship bracelets and playing around with beads as a child), has blossomed into a a full-blown love affair. 

I now spend my days living my dream and run my own working studio and boutique in a city that’s had my heart since day one: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

It’s such a honour to do what I love each day and welcome smiling people into the little world I’ve created.



My path, however, hasn’t always been quite this smooth and polished. Back in 2009, I found myself at a crossroads while living in Toronto, Ontario. Unsure where to turn to next, I reconnected with my inner child and began making beaded necklaces as a hobby, which I eventually began selling at craft shows in the city. I soon felt as though I’d tapped into something really special and was drawn to the metalsmithing program at George Brown College.

As fate would have it, the campus was located just down the street from where I was living. So I really felt like it was meant to be and decided to take the plunge. And since my first day of the program, I knew I was meant to be a metalsmith. Thank you, Universe!



I love the magic of it... I can take a raw piece of silver or gold and just by using hand tools and metalsmithing techniques, I can transform that metal into something beautiful. It surprises me every single time how it all comes together.

Stacey has a unique talent for finding the design in a raw diamond. She lets the materials tell her what they want to be... she is a true artist of nature.
— Heather

Much like my metalsmithing practice, my studio & boutique has also evolved over the years as well. This was taken by Caley Joy Photography in the summer of 2017 before my most recent renovation. 


After honing my skills in the program for two years (and nine years of living “away” from Prince Edward Island), my husband and I returned home to settle down and establish my jewellery business. The first two years of being home, I started slow with a small space on the third floor of a building on Victoria Row. About two years later, a space opened up on Water Street and I jumped into it without hesitation—from then on, I was all in. That was about two and a half years ago. 

The home of Garnish Jewellery Studio & Boutique in Charlottetown. Photo by Kandise Brown Photography

Why Charlottetown? I have huge heart eyes for my hometown. I love the charm, the slow pace, the wonderful people, the artistic community, the amazing restaurants, the beauty, the beaches, and walking with my husband and our dog, Willow (who you’re bound to meet if you come visit!), in Victoria Park. Everything just feels easy and so peaceful. 


I believe jewellery has the ability to make you feel extra special, and so I named my company “Garnish” as a reminder to adorn yourself with something beautiful every day. I use metals such as gold, silver and brass, as well as gemstones to create pieces of jewellery that reflect who I am and what I like. Each piece is unique, and I hope that others see all of the heart I put behind my work and that they like it, too.


At the end of the day, I continue to make jewellery simply because it makes me happy and because my jewellery makes other people happy, too. I hope that people will be able to pass down the jewellery they buy from me to the next generation and that it brings them just as much joy.

I love my three generational ring made with gold from my grandmother, my mother, and me! Only made more special by the beautiful ruby birthstone and setting Stacey found and then created for me.
— Kathy

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